Saturday, January 23, 2010

How do i keep the squirrels out of my pecan trees?

the trees are 15 ft high and by the time the pecans are ready, the squirrels have already bit into them.How do i keep the squirrels out of my pecan trees?
The very same thing happens to my tree. What really pees me off is that they pick them too early, take one bite out of them, discover they picked them too early and throw them on the ground to rot. The little SOBs don't even eat them. I tried a bb gun this year too. Hoping to shoot how I could in the butt to let them know to stay out of my tree. All my pecans are gone this year too, so you can see the success I had. Someone told me to try a fake snake it the tree limbs, but I haven't tried that yet. Good luck.How do i keep the squirrels out of my pecan trees?
Wrap the base of the tree, up near where it begins branching, with something slick ex. 18in flashing, something they can't climb on and jump past on every tree that is within jumping distance to the tree. I have pecan trees too (40), there are so many nuts in the grove, they don't really make much of an impact on mine. I usually wind up giving them back to the squirrels, cause nobodyseems to want them, I probably got 40gallons left in the garage right now and this years crop is coming. I'm tempted just to let the squirrels have them. Once they are ready woodpeckers will join the feasting and then your gonna have to pick them up every freakin few hours, before the squirrels hide them.
Poison isn't recommended unless you want to decimate the local bird population...

Docile ways could be to fit the trunks of the trees with anti-climb mesh, maybe simple plastic tubing that makes getting a grip difficult.

If the branches are too low to the ground combine the previous option with a net to prevent them getting at the trees via any route. Just be sure only to add the net after fruits have started forming otherwise you'll keep bees from the flowers preventing pollination.

If all that fails violent options include anything from an air rifle to a 12 gauge shotgun. But these are bad for the squirrels, neighbourhood and the environment.
Bribe your cats, so they will stand guard near the trees. Or let your dogs out onto the yards. The dogs won't catch the squirrels, but they may keep the squirrels away. :)
why do you want to keep them out ? We have felled most there trees they live in, a few squirrels ain't gonna harm it
bb gun or wrist rocket.

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