Saturday, January 16, 2010

How does a squirrel know where to build his nest in a tree?

The nests are built on branches close to tree trunks. The branches provide support for the foundation of twigs and leaves used to build the nest. The tree trunk acts as a wind breaker. I have seen nests built by young squirrels too high in a tree nearly destroyed by gale force winds abandoned and rebuilt closer to the ground in a part of the tree which offers more protection.How does a squirrel know where to build his nest in a tree?
Well...I don't know about the High nest , Low nest theory but here in Upstate, NY where I live there are so many squirrels that they chew and eat just about anything they can get their teeth into. as far as where they live, I believe they find most shelter in hollow trees, and inside of roofs and other areas of buildings and places where they can get inside. They often cause problems for home owners here by chewing their way into attics etc. and building nests.

Can be a tough critter to get rid of.

But they are awful Cute! We have grey squirrels here and on ocassion there are white ones in my back yard.How does a squirrel know where to build his nest in a tree?
how does a fox know where to dig a hole for its home

how does a lion know to hunt for food

how does a baby know to cry when wet or hungry

how does a deer know to run when startled

how does a dog know how to bark

how does a tick know to bite and hang on to suck blood

i can go on for ever, i think its called instinct!
Hello 'cocoapeachy' :

I don't know what the climate is like where you live, but, this should prove to be an interesting answer for you.

I live in Southwestern Ontario in Canada. We have pretty unpredictable winters here. Your squirrels are Black, Brown and Grey , here. They are the snow fore-casters !

Here , it's not really ' where ' they build their nests .... it's '; how high ! ';.

If the squirrels build their nests high up in the trees, then, we know we' re going to get a lot of snow this winter. So, naturally, if the opposite is true ( low nests ) .... little snow !
Just puts it where ever he/she wants. they are like that!
Animal instinct perhaps?

Or maybe it just likes the location.

Why do you chose to have your room layout like that?

Squirrels are evil rodents anyways. Don't go poking your head in their nests
Jenny's pretty much right until she said that squirrels are ';evil'; animals. Don't know what any ever did to her but I don't think any animal is ';evil';. They're just trying to live like the rest of us. There is no morality to an animal so there can be no evil.

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