Monday, January 18, 2010

How do I keep squirrels off my almond tree?

They keep knocking the almonds down, and they don't even eat them! Every year for the last 5 years Ive ended up cleaning almonds off my grass, I have tried to deter them, tried putting a cone around the base of the tree, they jump onto the branches, tried to hang things to distract them-didn't work, even tried to scare them with the pellet gun- Nope didn't work. aside from netting the tree, any new ideas? I heard of hanging moth balls from the tree in pantyhose, gotta try this oneHow do I keep squirrels off my almond tree?
get a dogHow do I keep squirrels off my almond tree?
Get a life and ask a real question for a change. You're boring stabs at trying to be funny are getting old.

this is the fun way: you can buy a blowgun to shoot them with, but when you do make sure you use stun darts, they won't hurt them too much, and make sure when you do it they don't see you that way they will associate your tree with pain and they won't come any more
Cut it down and plant something that doesn't bear nuts or seeds, duh.
kill em.. rodents.. rat tree rat same thing.
Find a product that hurts the squirrels and not the tree! Anf if Not Kill the Squirell DURHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 tsp salt to 1 gallon of vinegar and spray liberally
sounds weird.. but pee on it..

this really will work
Shoot the squirrels with a gun or hang shiny things in the tree like pie plated or tin cans so they clang together, the movement will scare them away and the light refraction will blind them. Down here in south Texas whe have alot of pecan trees and the really big orchards have small cannons that blast out a loud sould every hour or so and it scares all types of birds and animals away.
The moth ball thing might work. I hear they hate them.
Get aluminum flashing like the kind used on chimneys. wrap it aroung your tree for SEVERAL feet high, like 5 or 6 feet. Then trim the branches of the tree to about the same height and also trim away any other trees branches that are nearby. The squirrels cannot climb the flashing and cannot jump high enough to get to the limbs, so you should be ok then.
OK I don't have an answer but my bf told me as he was growing up his brothers would get mad at him and threatened to tie him to a tree and pull his pants down so the squirrels could come and eat his nutz...
Cut ir down.
Just get a paint ballgun and shoot them (hurts alot werse than a pellet gun)

When you are not home just set a few squirrel traps around it.
ALMONDS GROW ON TREES! ... i always thought they laid eggs... or reproduced through some kind of mutatious budding.

and use fire... squirrels seem to be alergic to fire ... and bullets.
Squirrel Repellent! In the form of a spray.
This works everytime, all you want to do is put rat poisoning ';solid'; into cruncy peanut butter, and put it under the base of the tree, i promise you no more squirrels for you wether you like it or not

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